Stephen Furst: 1955 – 2017

We are very sad to report the passing of actor Stephen Furst at the age of 63 due to complications from his long-running battle with diabetes.

Stephen Furst was famous for his role as Flounder in 1978’s Animal House, or as Doctor Elliot Axelrod in the television series St. Elsewhere. We. however, will always remember him as Vir Kotto, Ambassador Molari’s hapless and sometimes surprising assistant from Babylon 5. Vir started out as a bumbling attache, one whom Mollari described as a “…moon faced assassin of joy” but eventually ended up becoming the emperor of the Centauri.

Furst struggled with health issues related to his type 11 diabetes for many years before finally succumbing. He passed away at his home in Moorpark, California on Friday in the company of his sons Nathan and Griffith.