Flashshot 2010 edited by G. W. Thomas

The final collection from FLASHSHOT, bringing together 10 great writers from the pages of the daily genre micro-fiction newsletter. 500 stories including the flash fiction of Mike Whitney in a special section all his own, “The Mongo Files” as well as Guy Belleranti, Ellen Lindquist, Adrian Ludens, Terrie Leigh Relf, Stephen D. Rogers, Esther Schrader, G. W. Thomas, Pavelle Wesser, and Grayson What.

Various at 53,100 wrds.

Series: None

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The Judas Gift & Other Stories by G. W. Thomas

G. W. Thomas serves up five mysterious tales from cozies to hard-boiled. Three tales feature Jessie Roland, Conservation Officer who solves strange cases in the wilds of British Columbia. “From Thy Face I Shall Be Hidden…” is the story of Cain and how he was framed for murder. The clock is ticking. Can he clear his name in twenty-four hours? What are these dark secrets surrounding his family? The last tale is “The Case of the Windermere Woman” (with Jack Mackenzie) , a humorous cozy set in the art salons of Edwardian London with hints of Oscar Wilde.

Detective/Mystery at 16,003 wrds.

Series: Jessie Roland Series

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