Let’s Trek!

Yeah, we love Star Trek. So sue us.

So when Entertainment Weekly posts a picture from the upcoming STAR TREK: DISCOVERY series, we stop and take note.

Not that there’s much to see here that’s really… Trek-y. Michelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Green are in the desert wearing desert gear. (Maybe their first away mission is to Tatooine?)

So, no Starfleet uniforms, no ships, not really much of anything. However, if you look closely you will see what looks like an old-style flip communicator. The series is a direct prequel to STAR TREK: The Original Series so it looks like the kind of communicators we would be familiar with from the first pilot for the original show, The Cage… the one starring Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike.

Which is kind of disappointing. I mean, we look to STAR TREK to give us a vision of the future. Most of the “futuristic” technology from the original series is old-hat and clunky today. Honestly most kids have more impressive technology packed into their i-phones or Android devices than the crew of the original Enterprise lugged around with them. If someone could figure out how to bundle a “phaser” app into phones then we’d have them beat. No red shirted crewman would ever be safe at the skate park.

No, I’m sorry, but honestly I was more impressed… much more impressed… by the recently released trailer for Seth McFarlane’s upcoming new series The Orville. Check it out:

Now, THAT’s Star Trek. It may not have the name but it appears to have STAR TREK: DISCOVERY beat by a light year.

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