The third issue of DARK WORLDS QUARTERLY is here!

Yes, the issue was delayed by a couple of weeks due to unfortunate circumstances that occurred just before Christmas. We had intended to make it available before 2018. Consequently the datelines all still reflect our intended release date. We hope that it’s appearance is not unwelcome despite its tardiness!

Our third issue features an interview with MARC SCOTT ZICREE who talks about the release of the third edition of his book The Twilight Zone Companion. The new edition features new materials as well as links to a raft of supplemental material that can be accessed digitally. Marc also talks about his Magic Time book series, his contributions to Star Trek, most notably his script for the Deep Space 9 episode “Far Beyond the Stars” as well as his Star Trek: Phase II web episode “World Enough and Time” which he wrote with Michael Reaves and which was nominated for both a Hugo and a Nebula Award and which won the TV Guide Online Video Award for Best Sci-Fi Webisode. Zicree also talks about his YouTube channel, Mister Sci-Fi as well as his new project, his own Science Fiction television show which he is currently producing, Space Command.

G. W. Thomas brings presents a fascinating essay on the various Christmas ghost stories by Charles Dickens. If you thought A Christmas Carol was Dickens’ sole tale of seasonal spirits, prepare to be surprised!

We also have a (slightly NSFW) look at the barely-there costumes of the classic 1976 Science Fiction movie Logan’s Run.

Plus: Art of the Shaver Mystery, Rear Windows: Hollywood and Cornell Woolrich, The Scale of Sword and Sorcery, plus for all you vinyl aficionados, a look back at the making of the 1977 album Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds.

We also are pleased to welcome Huffington Post Canada’s D. K. Latta who has written a fascinating essay “Cracking the Color Code of Mars” which examines the races that populate the Barsoom of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ imagination. Not to be missed!

Along the way we will come across Mickey Spillane and Captain Meeks, as well as Frank Frazetta, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Keith Parkinson and other artists who strive to depict the season of Winter

Our third issue of DARK WORLDS QUARTERLY is 104 pages of articles, essays, opinion and interviews ready for your enjoyment! It is colorfully illustrated, chock full of good stuff and it’s FREE!

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