Finding it hard to stumble upon a book you really enjoy? You look through the shelves or online but everything seems dull and unappealing? Perhaps you’re like me, and wish the good old days of the Pulps would come back. We’ll be holding our breath for awhile. Just like vaudeville, you can be sure that ship has sailed.

But don’t lose all hope. Because now there is RAGE m a c h i n e Books, and our agenda is simple. Straight forward storytelling for people who love stories. Like the Pulp writers of old, we want to entertain. Some people may think this means you have to lack sophistication. Or that you have to write pastiches, faded copies of days gone by. Not at all. Pulp fun, modern writing technique.

Our name was chosen carefully. RAGE for the pulse-pounding action of Pulp, with machine because we are Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and other genre-related fans. You won’t find the great American mainstream novel here. (If you think that’s a bad thing, then feel free to fly to other sites.) What you will find is adventure, excitement, color, heroic characters facing strange horrors. It’s what we love to read — and what we love to write.